Otto Takes Charge

Our two, ten year old English cocker spaniels have specific inside and outside toys. One wet winter’s day they were patiently sitting by the back door waiting to be let in, each with a muddy outside toy in their mouth. My husband went to the door and gave the usual command for the dogs to drop their toys. Otto, the gold male, immediately opened his mouth and dropped the toy at his feet. Laura, the blue-roan female, was behaving rather stubbornly and continued to hold onto her much loved toy. “Drop” my husband repeated. Nothing. “Laura, drop!” Still no response. “LAURA, DROP IT!” Laura remained sitting with a firm grip on the toy. The stand-off continued for a little while longer until Otto decided to take charge of the situation. He’d grown tired of waiting and was eager to escape the miserable weather. He leaned over towards Laura, carefully removed the toy from her mouth, dropped it on the ground and then looked up at my husband as if to say: “Right. I’ve sorted that out for you both. Now can we please come inside?”

Charly Gunning
True Story?: