the older siblings

My Uncle Brien has a pitbull named Mandy she was rescued from the nieghbors . My uncle didn't want her to be put down so he took her in . a couple months ago my uncle found a tortis in the street . When he took him home he didn't know what to expect from mand? Well she was curiose at first but liked playing with the tortis . when my uncle feed the tortis mandy didn't like it so she started jumping up and down rolling on the floor and running across the yard . finally my uncle brien looked up to see what she was doing . coming to find out she wanted to be feed to so he gave her the left overs . she started to chew them then relised she didn't like it so she got up and sat on the couch . WHAT ABailey is a shih ztu and very small. Rocky and Piggy are much larger. so one day my mom left this bone up on the table in this flower pot . when she went to work she had no idea what was going to happen (nothing bad) . Rocky and Piggy had told baily to get on the table and get the bone for them cause they couldn't get up there them selves so they made bailey do it for them . once he did it they took it from cause when we came home piggy was chewing on it  SILLY DOG.

Kendal Maack
True Story?: