Oh So Brave!


Oh So Brave!


My husband and I have welcomed two rescue dogs into our home. Cassie, who is our two year old Lab/Collie cross and Jazz is our one year old Collie Cross. They are sometimes the best of friends and get into a lot of mischief.

One morning, however, they proved to me that they were not exactly the brave guard dogs they pretend to be! I was in the lounge on the computer when I saw them rush away from the bathroom in fear. Worried that there was something dangerous I crept in to find a tiny baby mouse stuck in the bathtub, unable to escape. I tried to contain my laughter as my two brave guard dogs snuck into the bathroom and peered over the side of the tub, saw the mouse move slightly before taking off back to the bedroom and cowered under the duvet. They did not move until I had taken the 'terrible beast' out of the house! The big babies!

True story by Danielle Simons of New Zealand





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