Not to be underestimated

Not to be underestimated


I know animals are smart. I've been around animals a long time and it doesn't take all that long to learn that most animals have minds of their own.


One day, i was sitting on my kitchen porch and I heard a rustling noise down in the garden below. I thought it might be a snake as we had many of them in the country, and I wanted to make sure I knew where it went. There did not seem to be a snake, but the rustling noise continued and I thought I had better go downstairs to have a look at what was happening in the garden. 


Much to my surprise, I found a skink tangled in some wire netting that I had put around a small tree to prevent the dog from scratching on it. As it struggled to free itself, I wondered how I could help without hurting the lizard.


I didn't need to think very long, because suddenly another, bigger skink appeared on the scene. I retreated and watched from a distance where I would not be a nuisance to them. The bigger skink walked around the one caught in the wire as if summing up the scene before him. Then he pushed against the smaller skink with all his weight, as if to push him through the wire. This didn't work, the smaller lizard was still stuck.


Then the bigger lizard set to work with his teeth. He grabbed the wire and pulled it this way and that, trying to loosen it from where it held the other lizard so firmly. I was amazed. I had never seen this sort of thing before. I had never thought that lizards had any idea of much. After all, they are such quiet, unassuming little creatures. 


I watched as the big skink continued to tug against the wire, moving up and down the other skink's body until  he had lessened the strain of the wire. Then he went to where most of the other skink's body was pressing through the wire and gave a great shove with his body. All of a sudden the smaller skink was free. I cheered. I was absolutely delighted at what I had seen, and watched happily as the two lizards ran off together into the bushes. I feel I was honoured that day to see something that not many people have seen, two skinks interacting with each other in a very human way.


True story by Bernie of Australia





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