The New Kitten on the Block

A few months ago, we decided to get another cat. So, off we went to Lord Smith Animal Hospital to see what we could find. There he was, a little older than the other kittens and on 'death row'. Well, I could not resist the gorgeous boy. So home he came and he made himself part of the family straight away. We named him Gus because he was a little timed and the name seemed to give him the confidence he needed to be the new kitten on the block. Gus and our other cat Sunday, are the best of buddies. However, our two 'girls' (chickens), Shirley and Lucy were not too sure of the new boy. 

One afternoon, I was sitting in the sunroom watching the antics of Gus and the 'girls'. We do not have a cat door but I rigged up a device that allowed the cats to squeeze through the partially opened wire door. Well, the chickens love cat food and I think Gus needed to show Shirley and Lucy that he was happy to share it with them. So Gus stretched up his paw, flicked the handle of the door and then pushed it open. In came Shirley and Lucy straight to the cat bowls helping themselves to the food, while Gus sat there happily watching his morning meal become fertilizer!

The things you do to win friends. Now they are the best of mates and Gus knows not to underestimate poultry with a plan!

True story by Jeanine Styler of Australia






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Jeanine Styler
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