Never Let Go

Sometimes I felt alone, riding my horse Pippi. Those fun days had seemed to pass by, leaving everything behind. Riding didnt seem to be much fun anymore. It was boring, nothing exciting happened. Falling off every day of the week wasnt a good feeling. But every day, I rode my Pippi, like we were stuck together, and couldnt get out. Thats what I wanted.

When years seemed to pass, nobody bothered about Pippi, nobody else cared about Pippi, everybody thourght Pippi was a waste of time. I did everything by myself, we shared our love between each other. "Why dont you sell that thing?" they would say, one by one. But still, I didnt let go of her. How could you sell someone who had made you happy, tried their best to please you, been your friend when you needed one?

The same thing happened a lot, they thourght I couldnt ride because I was on Pippi. But they couldnt ride her, like I did. I tried my best to teach her new things, and she tried her best to learn those things. But Pippi hadnt been taught anything when she was young, just thrown away, because of her looks. She tried doing those things, like everyone else. I didnt care that she couldnt do it, couldnt impress others, couldnt make others happy.

I didnt part with letting her go. "Why dont we get another pony, for you?" "Oh, sure!" I would say. "We will have to sell Pippi." The anwser was NO! NO! NO! No thinking about it, just NO! I wouldnt even lease her out, the thourght of her not being there with me, filled me with sorrow.

Then, a new pony arrived. He was a liver chestnut called little Boy. He was for lease. Oh, no! I thourght! Was Pippi still in the paddock? Would she be sold? Did they think this new pony would replace Pippi? My mother came up to me and placed her arm around my neck. "Dont worry," she spoke softly. "We will never sell Pippi"

So soon I started riding this new pony. I still went and saw Pippi every night. Everybody loved Little Boy. They said I looked super good on him. I always thanked him and said I loved him.

But I still always went and saw Pippi. I wrapped my arms around her neck and burried my head in her thick brown and white coat. I told her I loved her a million times, and Little Boy would never replace her. I would never get sick of Pippi, even with Little Boy. And when people said I looked good on Little Boy, and I rode well, I would say 'Pippi taught me'. I watched Pippi from a distance, grazing with her friends Onyx and Little Boy. I was glad that Pippi now seemed to be at rest, and she now got to graze for as long as she wanted. I learnt something from that,

Never let go of the things you love most!

Kiran Quilty
True Story?: 

I wish I could of seen Pippi!

I wish I could of seen Pippi! This is such a nice story :D