My Wild Friend, Scooby

This afternoon, me and my little brother Lucas went for a walk up our huge paddock. We followed the creek, we heard a howl, but we knew it was only Buddy. We kept on walking through the Black Berries and there were two WILD dogs. Lucas and i raced back through the Black berries, but the dogs didnt follow. There was an old black Labrador witch didnt really pay any attention. He just layed there. The other one was an alert brown dog. Kelpie x something. He was the one we were scared of. He barked the whole time were there!! It was getting dark and we found a way to get around the dogs. So we hurried along. We were a few hills away, when i saw the brown dog running towards us. We hid behind a bush. The dog was alert, then i noticed that it was standig right in front of the bush!!! THEN...... it ran out at us and licked our hands. We were very surprized that he was no wild dog, he was a nice dog. Me and Lukie walked back home. I called the dog Scooby, because he looked like Scooby-Doo. Scooby followed us all the way home. Our little 8 month jack russel pup, Boo-boo, liked playing with Scooby. They chased each other the whole way home. Our friends Clancy and Charlie were here. They told us that Scooby was the Smiths dog, and his name was Oki. we found out that the black dog was called Timmy. I hope that Timmy is resting in piece now. But then... our huge Bullmastiff dog, Buddy, spotted Scooby. Buddy chased the little dog around. Scooby yelped and yelped. Buddies big claws dug into Scooby. I was terrified!!!! I got a broom and hit Buddy but Buddy was so big that it didnt hurt him. They ran off down the hills, poor Scooby yelped and yelped. They ran through the fence and out the other side. Then, i saw Angel (our Kelpie), Buddy and little Boo-boo running up the hill. Poor Boo-Boo, he liked his new friend. Buddy had blood on his feet and in his mouth. Poor Scooby. I wish he was my dog.
But, my dream came true. He stuck up for me and i just wish i could of saved him!!

Tonight i am planning to go look for Scooby and Timmy.

Kiran Quilty
True Story?: