In My Heart

When my dad was a kid, he had a white horse called Prince. Prince and my dad used to go to pony club and often rode over the hills.

When I was born, I had a rocking horse that I absolutely loved riding on. One day, my dad surprisingly gave me a real horse and I duly named him, Prince. As I was quite young then, my mum would lead me around whilst I was on Prince. When I was two years old, I rode Prince by myself. I would proudly wear my dad's jockey helmet  and ride him in the lane way, which is a paddock.

When my brother Lucas was born, I began leading him around on Prince. I was still only two to three years old. Prince was very old, so we could do nearly everything on him. He would not mind if we pulled his tail, or slide down rump side. He did not care about anything.

My dad taught me to wear the right clothes, how to hold the reins and how to get Prince moving when he would not go. It was actually really fun learning about horses.

Prince and I often trotted over poles. Sometimes, I led Lucas around and pretended to be the boss.

One day, Prince became very ill. It was time for Prince to rest. We gave him his dinner and said, "Goodbye". I kissed him and hugged him for hours, then I said one last word and ran inside. I cried myself to sleep and the next morning, I ran outside to see if he was still there, but he was not. My smile turned into a sad face. All my fun days had gone.

Prince would not want me to be sad all my life. I then remembered that I should be happy for Prince and that he has moved on. However, Prince will always be in my heart.


True story by Kiran Quilty of Australia



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Kiran Quilty
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