My Guard Kitty

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It was the summer of 2004. My sister's friend didn't want her five year old ginger and white cat anymore. My sister told my mom that we had to take her in or else they'll just give CJ away to anyone. After my begging on the part of my sister and me my mom finally gave in. When we went to pick CJ up she was bigger than I expected. She had a lion cut because her fur matted and there was a younger boy there who had cut her whiskers. When CJ arrived in our house she hid underneath my mom's dresser for two weeks! That was six years ago. Once CJ came out from under the dresser she was the nicest cat you have ever known. She didn't like being picked up, being a little overweight, but she loved attention -- giving it and receiving it. She always sat next to us when we watched TV and lick our fingers - toes if they were bare - and when my sister and I ate breakfast she would jump up on the island stools and push her way in. And every night she would go to bed with me and sleep next to me - always licking me and pushing her way under the blankets. One night my sister was tickling me in my bed and CJ was at the bottom of the bed. Once CJ realized what was going on she pushed herself inbetween me and my sister to see if I was okay. Seeing that I okay CJ went back to the bottom of the bed and continued licking herself. My sister said, "Lets see if she will do it again." So my sister started tickling me again, but facking it this time. I was looking at CJ when she put both paws on my sisters leg and bit her leg. She was my guard kitty. Because CJ had a bad heart she left us in 2009. When she was with us she she never did it again, but she will always be my guard kitty in my heart.

Hilary Williams
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