My garden pidgeon pidgie

It was a few days before our pet day. I was down at the river looking for a rock to take to school pet day. As I turned a corner I saw a pigeon about 6months old I could get 15cm away from her. I called for mum and she took her up to the house. I named her pidgie she soon settled in and became a member of our family. Pidgie slept in a cat cage and roamed around my room during day. We then got an aviary, which she lived in. One day I was feeding her and she got out I screamed to Mum and she came out. Pidgie wasn’t at all worried she started testing how good the grass tasted. Then on she was let out during day. Pidgie used to ride on my back and peck me gently if she wanted to get off. Shortly later Pidgie flew under the bridge where I found her. Every day she’d be waiting for me on the post for food at the same time as the chickens. In the afternoons she would stay and play a bit. I still remember her wondering around on stumpy legs how adorable she was. One day we went up north for 10 days when we came back Pidgie only came back once or twice before she flew away and never came back I still believe she’s living a happy life. My Mum once saw her when I was sick she was sitting on the fence I’ve never seen her since although a pigeon has been flying over our house. We had her for 3months.Animals know when you’re trying to help them.

jade Baxter
True Story?: