My furry Family

here's a little story of my furry Family. 3 years After i moved out of my parents place, i wanted a pet I was almost 19 and had always had pets, my dog was a Husky and wouldn't like living in the city.
I had finally moved into an apartment that allowed cats, so I got Raiden, an orange tabby who claimed me as his. I got him at a pet store, and walked up the busiest street in our city with him in my arms, he wouldn't stay in the box.
A couple years later, I adopted a little black Female and named her Jade. Raiden who was now a 2 year old neutered male - weened her, he allowed her to suckle his nipple and push her off when he had had enough.
8 years later my husband and I bought a house. I really wanted a dog, he not so much; however he knew it was important to me especially since we can't have children of our own. My neighbors new of a family who had puppies and there was one lonely male remaining and was going to go to the SPCA the following morning if no one claimed him. So we set out to see this little big fella. 7-8 weeks old and 15lbs - he was still smaller than Raiden at 9 years weighed in at 17-19lbs and Jade was only 8lbs at 7 years. We named him Rufus
The Puppy wanted to chase the cats as puppies do and Raiden would slap him with NO claws and Rufus would sit. He would get up to chase - Raiden would make him sit. Raiden knew that Jade would mess him up as she did not like having this overgrown clumsy oaf around so he would get in between them. Jade will swat at him if he gets too rambunctious but he quickly learned the rules. Rufus grew and grew to a 110lb Black Lab Rottweiler cross, and my Husband is forever grateful that I wanted him, he will tell anyone that. When Rufus was 6 months old we found a Stray cat - skinny full of ear mites and fleas. I couldn't let this poor kitten stay out in the cold, as it was the middle of October and winter weather was setting in. I cleaned him up and he joined our family. We were going to find another home for him since we already had 2 cats, but he tugged at our hearts, he became best friends with the Dog! He started sleeping on Rufus' bed day 1. I couldn't separate them we named him Fry (Philip J Fry - after the Futurama character). however 6 years later to this Day Jade and Fry don't get along. This year the will be respectively 15, 13, 6, and 7. in a 2 bedroom house. Raiden is Special - he keeps them all in line he demands food at appropriate times of day - he has had crystals and he will lead me to the litter when he is having troubles. he Cuddles with Jade and Fry and will ask Rufus for Kisses, like he would ask me by tilting his head. Fry is special, he is grateful that he has a warm bed to sleep on and when ever you need a cat in the lap he is the go to guy.

My family

Jennifer Carpenter
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