My Cow, Isabella

When i was little, we decided to get a female cow. We went to this place where they were selling cows. This place was the most DIRTIEST, SMELLIEST, DISGUSTING properety EVER!!!!! There were horses on the porch, cows stuck in wire, animals standing in mud and there were dead cows EVERY WHERE!!!!!!

The first cows i wanted were two brown male calves. But we only wanted a girl. We picked out a beautiful Dairy cow. She was very handsome too. We got her and called her Isabella and Izzy for short. Her name was Isabella because she had a shape of a bow on her head. Izzy was very friendly. We fed her milk and sometimes she even let us jump on her back. When Izzy got older she went out into the 50 acre paddock. We had 8 sheep too. Izzy didnt know how to be a cow so she acted like a sheep. She protected the sheep and she'd follow them all day long. When ever she was seperated she'd go "MOO MOO" until she was with them again.

We thourght Izzy was pregnant. My BFFL (bestfreind4life) had two bulls, so we took Izzy there. Isabella never had a calve, for some reason she didnt have one. In Summer the ground was hot and the grass was down. The leaves were dry and the dams were mud. Isabella had to go to my grans because we didnt have enough grass.

My uncle kept his cows there and Izzy was going to hang out with them. Sometimes when i went to my grans me and my little brother would ride out and see her but we often just rode on the arena and watched them.

Today my uncle rang up and said that Isabella might be pregnant. I dont really know if Isabella is still my cow, but to me she is my cow, my black and white cow!!

Kiran Q
True Story?: