My Buddy

Before Buddy entered our lives we had a little Bullmastiff pup called Muscles. Mucsles was a very lazy pup. He sat at the door and slept all day long. One day my mum was rushing off to pick me up from kinder and didn't notice Muscles sleeping under the car. We rushed him into the vet but it was too late. We cried all the way home. We buried him near the choockpen, we made a cross for him and wrote "Muscles 2006 R.I.P". We put flowers and stones around his grave. The person we got Muscles from was my dads friend. We begged and begged and he said we could have another pup. We got a male called Buddy. We got Buddy on my brothers birthday. Buddy was very fat and bumpy. He was very cute but. Buddy grew and GREW and GGGRRREEEWWW!!!! Buddy and Hovey (Hovey my one and only) and Angel all became friends. Right now Buddy is always in the way. He knocks us over but he lets us ride on his back. Buddy would NEVER bite anyone. He is very, very, gentle. MY BUDDY!!!

Kiran Q
True Story?: