My Best Best Buddies Lacey, Sunshine, and Data



I have three great dogs. Their names are Lacey, Sunshine, and Data. They have come from different places but have since become important members of my family. They are the glue that hold my family together.

Lacey is a six years old Bishon Shih Tzu. I adopted her in August 2005 from the Calgary Humane Society because I wanted to have a companion for life. She has since become an intregal part of my parents and my life. In the beginning, she was scared of everything, including people and other animals. Through gradual exposure to people and animals she has gained more confidence in herself and in her soroundings. She has since passed the Basic Obedience training at Petsmart. When we adopted Sunshine and Data, Lacey instantly bonded with both of them and the three of them have become good friends. Lacey has also educated the children through the YMCA School Support program at West Dover School last year. She has taught the kids about how it is important to show patience and kindness towards all living creatures.

A year later in 2006, my parents and I adopted a second Bichon Shih Tzu and named her Sunshine. Sunshine was one year old then. The reason my family and I wanted to adopt another dog, was to help Lacey step out of her shell even more. Sunshine came to animal services as a stray. When I went to see her the first time, I was impressed with her energetic, yet gentle characteristics. I brought my family and Lacey to see her later that same afternoon. She was then adopted the next day after we discussed her characteristics amongst ourselves. I was impressed with the fact that Lacey and her were exploring the Animal services yard together. I was impressed with the fact that Sunshine knew Lacey was a bit nervous. She let Lacey come to her slowly. Sunshine has been teaching Lacey to be more brave and outgoing. She has taught Lacey that it is all right to explore. Sunshine has been a fun dog to have around. I enjoy playing ball with her very much. She is also a very smart dog who has been obedience trained along with Data at 'Sit Happens'. She has also learned to follow commands in two languages, basically English and American Sign Language. It is very neat and impressive to watch. She is a very compassionate, energetic young lady who showers us with kisses every day.

Data is the newest member of the family. He is the only male dog we have. He was a two year old Bishon Shih Tzu when we adopted him in 2006. His owner was having a hard time taking care of him whilst living in a one bedroom apartment. He asked if he could leave Data with us. Data can be playful like Sunshine, and calm like Lacey. He likes playing with Sunshine during the day and snuggling up with Lacey during the night. In the short time that they have known each other, all three dogs have become great friends. When I see them play, they seem like a brother and two sisters.

They have blended together very well into a family. They have also helped my family open up to one another, and to communicate better overall. They have made my life more fulfilling and fun. I cannot imagine my life without them. They are the glue that holds my family together. A lot of people say to me that they are very lucky to have found a good family to live with, but I think we are the lucky ones. We have found three great dogs who are now an integral part of our family. We love them a lot.

True story by Mary Salvani of Canada





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