Mother's Love

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I was beside a river one day when I heard high pitched squeak coming from the opposite bank. At the base of a steep rock wall leading down into the fast running current was a baby stoat, clinging to the rock and half immersed in the water.
Its mother was at the top of the cliff and all her attempts to get down to her baby were unsuccessful due to the vertical cliff face.
A moment later she disappeared into the undergrowth and a few seconds later, to my astonishment, she appeared upstream being dragged by the swift current towards her baby. At the instant she passed she reached up and grabbed the young one in her mouth and swam ashore downstream where the current was less powerful.

This experience showed me very clearly that her maternal instinct was very strong and that she was willing to risk her own life to save her baby.
More importantly though was the reasoning that the adult had used to work out the rescue plan. In my assessment, something which is often thought to be an exclusively human ability was being exhibited here.

Basil Steele
True Story?: