Missy the Cockatile

my mum loved birds. she wanted a pet bird. so one day we went down to this mans house. the man bred cockatils so he said we could have one. my mum picked a girl and we named her Missy. when we got home me and my little brother went downstairs to play with the lego. but when we were playing Missy came down and chewed the lego, we all laughed. my dad didnt know we had a cockatile so at tea time missy sat on my brothers shoulder and when my dad came in he was surprized. missy was such a good bird. one day i even took her to school. and when i was drawing she would sit next to me and chew the paper. she had a cage that stayed insinde witch she lives in but at night we let her out of the cage. one day a disaster happened i accedently let missy out of her cage. i forgot all about letting her out and went to walk out the door but............ missy flew out. i screamed. my mum and dad ran inside. i quickly told them, but when they ran out the door missy was gone. but all of a sudden missy flew into the pine trees. was on a low branch. my mum raced inside and got a chair. she raced out with the chair. when she got to the spot where missy was, she stood on the chair and said come on mis. missy heard her and jumped on her arm. we bourght missy inside. she was okay. missy is a smart little bird and she is still withv us.

kiran Quilty
turning nine
True Story?: