Miss Scarlett O'Hara

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My Miss Scarlett O’Hara was a beautiful Red Point Siamese. I was hers for just over 17 years. She was born in my home on November 23, 1993, and she died there February 15, 2011. She was kitten size all her life, but Miss Scarlett was fearless and very opinionated as only a Siamese can be. She had been sick with upper respiratory in the summer and fall of 2010. In January I started her on her medication again – which she was on for four weeks, and ointment for eye infection. She was slowly going downhill, some days eating, some not. On February 04 my Vet who does house calls came. She said it wasn't time yet. I was so relieved, but it was short-lived. Sunday the 13th, she didn't eat at all, and looked sick. I called my Vet, and made the dreaded appointment for Tuesday at 4:00. I didn’t want to take her outside to a Vet Clinic (it was so cold). I didn’t want her to have her last moments on earth scared either. Monday night she was dragging her back legs. She fell off the bed two times hard right on floor, so I put her on her favourite heat vent on a towel. Tuesday morning I fed her chicken broth and water - she couldn't stand, but I tipped her dish. It just broke my heart to see my feisty little Puppy Dog (my pet name for her) that way. I put her on her cat bed on a hot water bottle beside me on the couch. I called my Vet to see if she could come earlier. Scarlett was breathing shallowly, and was very cold. Her gums were blue. She wasn’t gasping, but I knew the end was near. My Vet came at 2:00, and gave her a shot to calm her. I held her gently in my arms. She gave a sigh, and just passed away. It was very peaceful, and she didn’t have to get the lethal shot. She was safe in my arms, and was ready to go. The only blessing is my Vet didn't think she suffered, so that is comforting. I didn’t want to lose her too soon, but didn’t want her to suffer. It is the worst thing a pet owner has to face, but it is the last act of kindness you can give to your beloved friend. I miss you and love you my “Little Puppy Dog”.

Sharon Anne Serbin
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