Mineau, The Cat From Hell

This is my story, and it’s about a little kitten found by someone, that... had no intentions of ever getting another cat, why, because... "Kit" went to "Cat Heaven" after living on this wonderful earth, for a long, healthy, and happy life time, and there was never going to be another cat to take "Kit’s" place. This is a special story, because... it is done by... Mineau, "The Cat From Hell"...

Peeking through a small vegetable garden, scared and all alone. Wondering, to my little self, is this the right place, is this the home where I want to live? I’m sooo...tired and hungry, if only... wait, I think I hear someone. Goody!!! Two huge hands picked me gently up, "this is it, this is where I’m going to stay! I found a new home, and this is my daddy!"

"Ohhh... a mommy too!" Meow!

I sure hope they keep me, I’d better be extra good and try not to get to excited and mess it up. I sure do miss my mommy, I wonder... how did I get here? But... as I look around, I like it here, I hope this lady (human) like me, and the man (human), with the big, gentle, hands do too.

I’m hungry, I tried to eat the vegetables in their small garden, but... they were to hard for me to chew. I think I got a tummy ache, on a few I chose to eat. Meow!

Ummm... this taste like my mommies milk, Purr...Meow! I will call this (human) "Momma Jan", and... I will call him... "Pappa John"!

I hope they love me, because... "Momma Jan", has not made up her mind if she wants to keep me! ;-( Meow!

What a nice place to be, there’s so much to see, I can climb high, I can climb low, "look out below!" So many humans, in this room, picking me up, and giving me kisses with hugs and saliva on my shiny fur. I found a place to hide, a place from humans so loud. They look for me, and I jump out at them, because I’m a kitten, and I’m soo happy, happy. I now have a place, to call home! Meow, Meow!

I heard them say...I’m their sweet "little kitten". I jump all around, and I make their day. I think they are happy, and I’m going to make sure... it stays that way.

I have a new mommy, and I have a new daddy! Meow!

With lots of activity, all around, I’ll make them so happy and proud. And ... when I go out, I’ll keep the strangers out of their yard. "Ohh... I will also, make sure all the birds and the squirrels and (other) creatures like me, out of our house!

I don’t understand what humans say... don’t chase the birds, the squirrels, don’t do this or that? Are we just suppose to kill the mice, and not let the mice in the house? I wonder if that means... the bird houses too (As I spit feathers out of my mouth).

I wonder, sometimes, if I really have 9 lives! I hear my "Momma Jan" say... "it’s a good thing you have 9 lives, because... you don’t have many left!" Meow, Meow!

My masters feed me well, I get fish twice a day, it sure taste good. So it must be good for me, she says my fur is so shiny and silky, and she hugs me all the time.

"Pappa John", gets fresh fish a lot from the ocean, and, it smells soo good! Meow!

Why do humans say... "cats" are curious? Well.. if I am, I sure was...on this one, particular day. "Momma Jan", had just cleaned the fish (that "Pappa John" brought home, from one of his fishing trips), and was going to put water in the freezer bag (which was setting on the counter), she turned her back to turn the water on... when all of-a-sudden, I decided to put my head in the bag (just to check it out, mind ya), that’s when I found out, what it was like to be a "curious cat", also... about cats having... "9 Lives", and... never, I mean never, jump on the counter! Oh... I never did get to taste the fish! I really think cats should have wings! Meow!

"Momma Jan" & "Pappa John", have been quite patient with me, and sometimes ...I’m a little... what is it my "Pappa John" calls me? Yes... "The Cat From Hell"! I think... it was a compliment. Meow!

Why do humans sleep so late? I mean... I get hungry and I want my food (fish). I’m a kitten, I’m suppose to eat, so I can get big.

Someday, I will be king of this house and the back yard!

I like to sleep during the day, so I can get lots of energy, then I can run, jump and climb all over my "Momma Jan" and "Pappa John", they sure love me! Meow!

Today... my "Momma Jan", picked up a frail (darn near dead) bird, off the ground, she had to blow in his face, to try and keep him alive (mouth-to-mouth, and then massage his little body (like she does me), to get his little heart pumping. I guess he survived, I think I saw him flying around. How did I know he was hurt, I was just playing with him! Rustling his feathers just a little, that’s all, it’s natures instinct, what was I suppose to do?

I think, I’m grounded, my "Momma Jan", won’t let me out! I think , it was because... of the darn bird, soo... I rustled his feathers, really must of done a number on him, "so what"! I’m sure I’ll get him again. Wow!, a cat with an attitude! Meow!

Finally... I get to go out of doors again. I love the garden, the back yard. It’s mine, it’s all mine. The tree, I love the best, I get to scratch and sharpen my claws (just in case I need to grab something or scratch someone) kidding! Meow!

Yes... back to the tree, I love the little bird house. One day, I tried to get the bird to come out and play with me, but... it wouldn’t. So... I tried and tried, and finally, I felt something hit me (or brushed against me), it was my "Pappa John", he had a broom handle, trying to get me away from the bird house, can you imagine that? Well... I sure know now, why a cat has 9 lives!

It’s funny, I don’t see much life out here any more. I wonder what happened! Where did everyone go? No squirrels, birds, not even any mice! Meow, Meow!

Ohh.. And by the way, I’m getting neutered in a few weeks, that means... I’m no longer going to be masculine nor feminine in gender.

Please... this is a "cats" nature call! Meow, Meow!


Copyright © 2005 Lavina Burgess

Lavina Burgess
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