Miece miece

While looking through some photo albums,I was quite surprised to realize what a huge part of my daughters growing up our cat Miece Miece had been. ( She passed away 4 years ago at the ripe old age of 22) When Leah was a newborn there is Miece curled at the end of the crib;as a toddler there is Leah on one side of a little table and Miece sittiing on a chair opposite her sharing a tea party. In another one Miece is sitting quietly looking quite pleased with herself as Leah pulls her around in a low cardboard box behind her plastic ride-on horse. Again here is Miece at the birthday party sitting with all the children in a semi- circle around the party clown.What I find so ironic about all these pictures is when I remember the way Miece came to be our cat. She was given to me by a lady who was expecting her first child and was worried about the safety of her new baby.

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Louise Sparrow
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