Melina the wonderful

Melina died when I was only 5 years old. I never understood anything about her but she was Princess cat of our house. Every time I went to play outside Melina would be waiting for me in the shed. I would run into the shed to get my scooter and hear a Meeeeeooooowwwww from behind the rabbit cage. I would get my scooter out and ride on it with a Meeeeoooowwww behind me. One morning I woke up got dressed and rand to get my scooter willing to hear the same Meeeeoooowwww like always. But when I got to the shed I didn't hear the old Meeeeoooowwww I was used to hearing. I heard DEAD silence. I ran inside to get a jumper because it was cold. I looked everywhere Melina would stay just to see no white fluffy cat sitting there. After a while I saw a snake. I got an old knife that I found on the veranda and threw it at the snake. I missed.

I don't even know if Melina is still alive. The night I discovered Melina was gone I had a dream that she came back. I said I love you Melina in my sleep and in the morning I saw some white cat fur on my floor. I still keep that white fur as a treasured possesion rigt now. I miss you Melina. Melina the wonderful

Tessa Sedawie
True Story?: