Max's kind act

A few years ago we had a large long Haired German Shepherd Cross called Max. Although Max wasnt too keen on other dogsn he absolutely adored people. Once we had to leave the key for a joiner to do some work in the house and we told him to call maxs name before he entered which he did , Max accepted him and brought him a toy to play with Sometime after this a women who my wife used to work with came to stay with us overnight the lady cocerned was terminally ill with lung cancer. In the morning she stood at the top of the stairs with my wife and Max, she turned to my wife and said that she didn't know how she was going to get down the stairs and my wife suggested that she try to slide down one step at a time on her bottom. Max, however, had other ideas he positioned himself on the next stair down and as she attempted the descent he contined to guide her down. At that, she turned to my wife and said "this dog is kindly taking me down". Unfortunately Max and the lady is no onger with us. A few years after this incident he passed away We will never forget his kind act.We Have since moved to Bulgaria and his collar is buried in our garden every time we think of him and our sad loss it brings tears to our eyes.

Geoffrey Jones
True Story?: