Mary, my crazy lamb

Mary was one of my lambs. She was a Merino. Mary was the SMARTEST lamb EVA!! She had a little dog jacket and i clipped her on a dog lead and we would run around CRAZY!!! I sat at the front of the house with little Mary by my side. We would spend time together all the time. I think god made Mary a lamb x dog. Mary grew a bit bigger but i wouldnt stop playing with her. Mary was my little dog, well thats what she acted like. Mary never stopped being crazy. I couldnt wait for Mary to be a sheep. But tht day didnt come. One day my mum gave away Mary to my best friend. I DID NOT understand 'why' she did it. I cried and cried. When i went to my friends house. We played with Mary. She sat in the garden and played with the dogs. She even went on the front porch. But one day, my poor Mary was sleeping under the car and she didnt notice what hit her. We buried Mary near the front porch. She was my one lamb. I wish her luck!!. Thanks, Mary. You'll always be little lamb.

Kiran Q
True Story?: