To Many Names!

We have a fish pond at our house and in that pond are loads of fish. All the time Dad takes us to the pet shop to get goldfish for the fish pond. We have about 20 fish but it's hard to tell because they had some baby fish. I name every single fish in that pond. I will start with the completely orange ones: Tiger and Bubbles. Now the orange and white ones: Vinny, Fatvinny, Turkish-delight and Shooter. Now the orange and black ones: Jumbo and Tabby. Next the dark grey one is Storm. Next the light grey, white and orange ones: Shimmer and Mia. Now the orange black and white ones Himalayen and Tasha. Now the completely white ones: Maria and Mercy. The babies are Blaze,Mimi, Shaddow and Bronzey. There are lots but I LOVE them all.

Caitlin Schmitt
True Story?: