Mack and Woodie sensed it

Mack and Woodie sensed it


I have a 7 year old German Shepherd named Woodie and my fiance has a 2 year old Blue Heeler named Mack. Whenever anyone comes around, Mack would make an enormous noise. He would make many defensive 'Go Away!' barks. Woodie would get very excited. They both try their best to tell me that someone is here.

My fiance who was 58 years old, had been sick, and one morning of March 2007, I went to turn the alarm off and discovered that he had a heart attack in his sleep. I rang the ambulance and went outside and because of Mack's protectiveness and Woodie wanting to venture down the street on his own, I quickly put the two dogs in the outside laundry, which has a window just opened. That was something I had not done before. I then opened the two gates ready for the ambulance to arrive.

While I was out front, a friend was on her way to work and I hailed her. She rushed in and did CPR on my fiance until the ambulance arrived. The ambulance finally arrived followed by my three children, friends, policemen and the  funeral ladies. All this time, the two dogs stayed silently in the laundry which everyone had to pass by to come in. Mack stood on his back legs with his paws on the window sill, just silently watching, especially as they took my fiance away covered over on the stretcher, past him. With their extra senses they knew something very different was happening. 

Within the next fews days, I had to put the dogs back in the laundry on a couple of occasions. Once when the funeral lady come over and the second time, when the minister called also. Both times the two dogs barked lots as usual, they knew it was just back to normal.

True story by Lyn of Australia





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