Lucky Jasper

Jasper was a very UGLY horse. He was a brown chestnut. Jasper was at the Knackery. Before he was culled he went to an auction.

Luckily a race horse trainer named Russel bourght Jasper. Russel then sold Jasper. A lady named Kelly bourght him. Kelly had two kids. An 11 yr old girl named Robin, and a 6 yr old boy named Tristen. Jasper was for Robyn to ride. But Robin didn't take much interest in Jasper. She rather rode the race horses. Kelly let us use Jasper because he wasn't doing anything but sitting in the paddock. I rode Jasper all the time. My little brother was a bit little to ride him so he just got led around on him. I normally rode my own pony when Lukie was riding.

One day Kelly told us that she wanted Jasoer back. So we floated him over there. Kelly still didn't like Jasper. Sometimes i would go to the race track with my dad early in the morning and watch him riding the race horses. My dad was a jockey. Russel trained the horses and he waas my dads trainer. Russel's son James was very interested i horses.

When i went to the track i saw james there. He told me to go look in the corral. So i went in and looked. it was JASPER!!!!!! James saddled Jasper up and i got on him. i rode him around the corral. Jasper stayed at the track for a few days and then Kelly sold him. I dont know what happened to him after that. But Jasper is soooooo lucky to escape from te Knackery!!

Kiran Q
True Story?: