Lucky Duck

Lucky Duck

When I was little, we had a chook pen with chooks and ducks in it.  We had heaps of ducks but one day, we got a new one. She was yellow at first but as she got older, she became white.

One night, the little white duck disappeared. We could not find her any where. So we thought that she might have been taken by a fox. However, the next night there was a strange noise outside. We woke up and silently walked up to the chook pen. In the distance, we could see a little white creature standing on the top of the hill. It was the white duck that we had thought was taken by a fox. All of a sudden, she waddled down the hill right up to our feet. We knew what to call her,' Lucky Duck'.

Lucky Duck became the best duck I have ever had. She kept on disappearing but she always came back. It was spring, and Lucky Duck was sitting on her very own eggs. I always run to the chook pen in the morning as I have to look after all the other animals on the farm. One day, I ran to check on the eggs, and there sitting under Lucky Duck were twelve little ducklings. They were all yellow and wet as they had just been born.

When the ducklings got older, Lucky Duck started taking them for walks around the farm. We soon had to put a sign up at the bottom of our drive saying 'DUCKLINGS FOR FREE' because we knew we could not keep them all. Our next door neighbours bought some and people in town bought some as well. We ended up with one little duckling which we kept. I forgot his name but he was just like his mother. Lucky Duck often took her son down to the dam for a little swim as he got older. We did not realy have to worry about them any more but we still checked on them every night.

One day, as usual, I ran out to the chook pen to greet the chooks and the ducks, but to my surprise there were no chooks nor ducks in the chook pen. I looked around the corner and there, silently lying on the ground were all the chooks. A fox had been in the chook pen and had killed all of the chooks. All of a sudden, I saw something white in the corner. It was Lucky Duck. I ran over to her, as I was so happy that she was alive. But......... she was not. She laid silently in the dirt, I started to cry so loudly till I did not notice that Lucky Duck's son stood behind me. I hugged him really tightly because I was relieved that he was alive. We will both miss her very very much. It has been very quiet around the farm and we dearly miss Lucky Duck. She will never be forgotten, as she made the farm a very happy place to be in. Lucky duck is one duck in a million and will never ever be forgotten! Good bye Lucky Duck. You are one duck in a million!


True story by Kiran Quilty of Australia


From the SMARTER than JACK team

1. We hope you have enjoyed reading this story. Thank you Kiran for your story. It was a rather sad story but you still have her son who will keep the legacy going.

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Kiran Quilty
True Story?: