In loving memory of Towser

As a child, I lived on a dairy farm. We had a dog named Towser who would have been shocked to see his reflection in a mirror......he thought he was a person.

At 4pm every afternoon, Towser calmly strolled around the milking cows and delivered them to the yard. We think he had his own watch but he must have worn it in a concealed spot. How else would he know the time?

He lived by a strict code of ethics. No 2 legged person was allowed to laugh at a 4 legged "person". One day, my Father sent Towser around the Bull who was leaning through the fence and causing strain on the wire.

Towser took off at a good pace and the Bull was expected to turn tail and run. He stood his ground, Towser somersaulted through the Bull's legs and ended up facing out via the Bull's rear legs. My Father laughed hysterically, Towser stalked out, glared at Dad and sat down. He refused any further orders from Dad for the rest of the day. Dad had to chase the Bull himself.

Towser has been long gone but his memory lingers on. We often talk of his exploits.

Joyce Elphick
True Story?: