Looks are decieving

People seem to think Rottweilers are dangerous and not trustworthy. I know different.

Bullet was adopted ( rotty / lab mix ) and Daisy (rottweiler) was a rescue.

Daisy had a terrible life before I got her. She was abused and starved badly. The day I went to get her, she was to be euthenized. Only weighing 45 lbs at 3 yrs old ( should be at least 80 ) she looked terrible and mean. I saw something different.

After gaining her trust and getting her healthy we had such a bond that she would do anything for me.

One day ( last winter) I was taking them for their morning walk. We had alot of snow and just before that we had alot of rain. Everything under the snow was ice. We were walking down a slight grade when I slipped and fell. I had hit my head and knocked myself out. With that Bullet stayed with me and Daisy took off. All my neighbours were gone to work except one. Daisy went there. Barking until my neighbour came out. She knew something was wrong to see Daisy and not me. Daisy was intent on Donna following her. So she did.
When she got to me, Bullet was laying beside me almost like trying to keep me warm. Donna helped me to my feet and Bullet and Daisy ran home. When I finally got home, here was Bullet and Daisy sitting on my deck just waiting.

After recieving 5 stitches with many aches and pain, later that day I was comforted by my bookends ( Bullet and Daisy ).

No matter what is wrong, if I am sick or in pain, these 2 dogs will not leave my side.

Gail Gallant
True Story?: