The Little Kitten & Mommy Cat

Its a cool, brisk, and sunny day to take a nice walk in the woods. Roman and Haley, put on their sneakers and their soft, warm sweatshirts, (with hoods) and headed for the door, saying good bye to their mommy and daddy,. with their dog, White Paw running ever so happily after them.
Their mommy and daddy got the puppy at a shelter near by. He is just a year old, and weighs about thirty-five pounds. He is brown and have white paws, so they named him White Paw. "White Paw", what a nice name for the puppy!

As Roman and Haley ran to the path of the woods, White Paw, barked at something that was moving in the bushes near Roman.

Roman said..."White Paw, what do you see in the bushes?"

White Paw looked at Roman, and just kept on barking. Haley, bent down to see what White Paw was barking at. White Paw backed up next to Roman, and Haley proceeded to get closer to where White Paw was looking. To Haley’s surprise, two little eye’s were starring right at her. Haley got on her knees, and reached out slowly towards the bush. She touched something very soft. Then a small "Meow-meow", came out of a little, fury kitten’s mouth. Haley, gently picked up the little, soft kitten, and held it to the light.

Then, Haley said... "Roman, I found a little kitten, or I should say, White Paw did!"

They both laughed, White Paw barked and the little kitten, "Meow-ed".

Roman said..."Haley, how come the little kitty is all alone. Where is the mommy cat?"

Haley, then said... "I don’t know Roman, lets look around, maybe we can find her near!"

So... Roman, White Paw, and Haley, and her little kitten, ( who is now all snuggled ever so happily, in her soft, warm sweatshirt) all went looking for the kitten’s... mommy.

White Paw, started to bark once more, "What is it, White Paw?" Roman said.

White Paw, ran in front of the three, like the wind. As Roman and Haley (with her little kitty still snuggled inside her sweatshirt) got closer to White Paw, the dog started to bark again. Haley, got closer to White Paw, to see what he was barking at.

"Ohhh"... Haley started to cry out, "Roman, the mommy cat is stuck under this big branch!"

Roman said... "Lets both, lift up the big branch to set her free!"

In the meantime, Haley set the little kitten down, and told her to stay put, they were going to help the mommy cat. The kitten, sat quietly, near White Paw, while Roman and Haley moved the big branch from the top of the mommy cat. There was a hole, under the big branch, so that helped the cat from being crushed. The cat got free, but... bruised her leg and was a little startled. Haley picked up the little kitten, and put it next to the mommy cat. The mommy cat, then snuggled close to her baby, and the baby started to nurse from the mommy cat.

Haley said to Roman... "Ahhh, look Roman, the little, fury kitten is drinking milk from her mommy!" Then, they both started to laugh, White Paw, jumped on Roman, and Haley, and knocked them to the ground, and started to wash their faces with his huge, wet tongue.

"Come on Roman, lets go home, and ask mommy and daddy if we can keep the little kitten and the mommy cat!"

The kitten, is now... three months old, and Haley named (her)... "Snuggles", because... when Haley first found the little, fury kitten, or I should say... White Paw found the little kitten, she was all snuggled in Haley’s warm, sweatshirt.

Haley and Roman, had to make up a name for the mommy cat, so... they named her... "Cuddles", because... she cuddled close to her little baby, while nursing.

The End

(I wrote this for my two grand-children (Roman- six & Haley- ten) while I was taking care of them in New York, while my son went to Antarctica for 7 weeks)


Copyright © 2006 Lavina Burgess

Author: Lavina Burgess
Country: United States
True story: No

Lavina Burgess
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