Little Animals, Big Hearts

My sister has a guinea pig named Moe who once had a baby guinea pig called Roxi who belonged to me. We saw them in a pet store about 5years ago and couldnt believe how perfect they were! They use to have so much fun together especially with cardboard box huts! It use to be really funny to watch them try and fit in the tiniest box at the same time! Everything was going well until we discovered a lump on Roxi. We took her into the vet and soon found out she had cancer and had less than a month to live as she was too amall to operate on. Funnily enough a few months from the bad news she was still with us alive and well! Unfortunately one night she was acting really weird and wouldnt eat or play. My dad said that we would have to take her into the vet the next morning. The next day I got up early to check on her. She hadnt moved into her little house which was odd as her and Moe do it every night. I saw Moe sitting right next to Roxi, as if she was keeping her warm. As I looked at Roxi I noticed she wasnt breathing. She died that night. As I picked up Roxi from Moes side Moe looked at me with such sadness. We buried Roxi that day and ever since, Moe doesnt do all the funny things they use to. She obviously loves and misses Roxi just as much as we do. I never realised until then that the smallest of animals can have the biggest of hearts

K Allan
True Story?: