Lee and Lily

Lee and Lily

My partner Ron and I, consider our two cats as babies as most animal lovers do. We adopted Lee (male) and Lily (female) from Leigh (near Warkworth), a year ago. Lee was six weeks old and Lily was eight weeks old. From the first day we brought them home, we could see that they had special personalities.

Lily is long haired, dark brown/black and is more adventurous and daring. She is very affectionate but only when it suits her. Lee, is short haired with black/white patches on his underside. He seems to purr permanently and loves attention. He is very much a mummy's boy. He is the dominator of them both. From very young, Lily has always been the one to bring in large bugs. Eventually, she upgraded them to to mice and small birds. When she was just over a year old, she started catching blackbirds. Lee is not much of a hunter. He likes to just have a sniff and look around. Over time, Lily learnt that anything she brings in will soon be put back outside by mum, namely me. Of course I pat her and congratulate her before putting it back out where it belongs. Within minutes it is back inside again. I again put it out. This repeats a few times until she or I tire.

One early morning, after Ron had just left for work, and I was enjoying a rest in bed because of a late work start that day, Lily came charging through the open window which is her alternative cat flap, with a dead sparrow. She had come to show her prize to her dad and jumped up on the bed only to find me. She literally grounded to a halt. She turned and jumped back off the bed with me following her and demanding that she take it outside. Lily stopped at the next door and dropped her bird while sitting and watching me get closer. As soon as I approached near enough, she would pick it up again and trot ahead to make another large distance between us. Again she dropped the bird, sat and watched me close in on her. By the third time she did this, I found myself laughing out loud at this ridiculous scene. Lily was fooling me into playing this game of waddling chase as pregnant women do, as I was six months pregnant at the time. Just to add to the humor, Lee chased after me miaowing, because he wanted his breakfast. Furry long haired kitten holding onto a bird leads heavily pregnant woman and her short haired miaowing buddy round and round in circles…who's a clever puss!

Sadly our little girl Lily has gone missing. Ironically our neighbours found a dead cat that had been hit and killed on the road that looked just like her. We debated about this cat being Lily for a day and to make sure, we took the deceased cat to the vet who confirmed that the unfortunate cat was 5-7years old. Our Lily is just over a year old. Also, after looking at the cat's distinctive markings underside, we were reassured that its not our baby. Its breaking our heart not knowing where she is or how she is. We live in hope that she is well and will come back one day. Lee is very lost without her. They are the best of buddies.

True story by Allison Clark of New Zealand

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Allison Clark
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