Kitty Hot Water Bottle

When I was about 16,we had a West Highland White Terrier named Angus,and a black Persian named Dusty.Angus was about 15 at the time,and Dusty about 5 years old.They didn't pay much attention to each other,but got along very well when ever they were in the same room. One day,Angus,who had failing eyesight ,forgot to turn right at the proper time when he went out,and fell in the pool,and we didn't find him until he'd been in there a little while.We usually kept a much better eye on him,but to our shame,not that day.We pulled him out,dried him off and put him in a basket with a wool blanket on him to warm him up.He was OK,but cold. I left him a short while,and when I came back to check up on him,there was Dusty laying on top of him,I can only assume trying to warm him up.He stayed there for quite a while.It was the first time I'd ever really seen them voluntarily together. Angus recovered nicely,and lived another 2 years.We also kept a much better eye on him,and he never fell in again.

Alice Sacharoff
True Story?: