King's Trick

When I was in my teens I had a pony named King who I thought was very smart. One day the owner of the paddock I rented cut down a big tree leaving only a large stump, so I thought I would teach King to put his front legs on it and stand there as a trick. But no matter what I did, he wouldn’t do it. I tried apples and carrots and even some hay, but he still didn’t even try to do the trick, so I went home very disappointed in him.
The next day when I went down to feed him, there he was with his front legs on the stump and a look in his eyes that said, Is this what you wanted? See, I can do it on my own.
He really was a smart pony and I will always remember the gleam in his eye – he had outsmarted me, and he did so again many times. Thanks for the laughs, King. I miss you.

Rating: 25 paws up

: Ngaire Poole
True Story?: