Khalua's more than a name

Khalua's more than a name

My cat, Khalua, a chocolate Tortie Burmese has always since she was young, jumped to the top of doors, the shower and once to the top of a Pivotelli wall bracket (the later with disastrous consequences). She normally sits on top of the shower every morning and waits for me to get out and then I give her a treat. At my old house, the shower was next to the sink which gave her an easy jump but in this new house, it is next to a bath.

She attempted the jump anyway and this time, she overbalanced and fell into the shower. Khalua managed to grab hold of my back. I screamed (cat claws hurt) and because of the water, she slowly slid down my back until we both exited in a hurry. It was like a scene from a scary movie - there was blood everywhere. Really only because the blood was mixing with water. I had scratches about eight inches long from my shoulders down and then more on my bottom, about five inches long.

It just so happen to be the day that I was having a skin check for cancer. The look on my doctor's face was priceless. He was horrified at all the markings down my back. I told him that I poured Dettol over it but he insisted on spraying it with something else. Next morning, Khalua was back but this time with a better balance - thank Heavens!


True story by Kerry Ellis of Australia  



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Kerry Ellis
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