Kasiie and her Kittens.

Some years ago we had a cat called Kassie who had three male kittens which we called Kookie, Jasper and Moses.
They all use to follow my husband on his nightly walks with our dogs.The eldest one called Kookie use to fetch me a gift every day of a runner bean off the plants.If none were available it was an acorn from the tree next door.One evening he bought home a little white mouse which our daughter had as a pet for quite a few years after.
Sadly Jasper disappeared one day never to be found.He was inclined to be a wanderer and use to get shut in neighbours garages at times, Kookie was the first to die then Moses had to be put to sleep, they had lived to almost 20years.Mum Kassie was now pretty old herself and at about 21 or 22 years had to be put to sleep the day after Moses as she was quite sick.

Miriam Hollands
True Story?: