Just Like Daddy

Just Like Daddy


After spending two months scanning the RSPCA adopt-a-pet website looking for a puppy, we finally found our beautiful cross breed, Turbo! (Yes, the name describes her perfectly). As the months passed and she grew out of her ‘puppy’ stage, she began to develop an almost human like dislike for being woken up and getting out of bed, just like her daddy!

Every morning, when my partner and I wake up for work, and turn the lights on, she groans and lifts her paw to cover her eyes, as if implying that she would like the lights back off. This is the way she behaves now if something does not go her way when she is asleep, even if it is moving her from the lounge room to her bed. She just hates being woken up!

Recently she has tried a new tactic to remain in bed for longer; waking up one minute before the alarm goes off (I am not joking), jumping onto our bed and cuddling up to her mummy and daddy so that they cannot get out of bed and consequently remain in bed longer.

She is a beautiful girl, who takes after her daddy more that you could ever imagine. Trust me, they both love their weekend sleep in.

True story by Kris of Australia





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