Juju Sefeed

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Juju Sefeed

Juju Sefeed was a white female zebra finch. She is in Juju heaven now. She was married to a brown zebra finch, Chervenacheck. Juju in Farsi language means chicken. Sefeed means white. 

Chervenacheck in Czech language means red cheek. So, now you know, he was a brown boy juju with red cheek. They lived happily in our home and were allowed to fly freely. They were given a  branch near the window which they often sat on, happily watching the world outside. We did have to vacumn our home quite frequently as they were not always careful about their toileting. We were quite happy with that because we felt that their freedom is more important than our additional work.

One day, after a long life of several years, I guess 4 years, Juju Sefeed became sick, with old age. We took her to the vet and she was kept in a warm big transparent plastic container for him to keep an eye on her at night. Next day, when I went to to visit her, I was told by the vet that Juju was not moving much. She was not eating and just sits in a corner. When we got nearer to her, she did not show any interest in moving or doing any thing. She just sat there meditating. I went nearer and called her, "Hey juju Sefeed". She looked at me, jumped up, came near the window and started saying, "Jik, jik, jik". She wanted to tell me, "Yes, I remember you, hello hello hello".

A day later, she left to juju heaven. After the funeral we told her to be happy and jumpy jumpy there and eat lots of chocolates and cookies and we will meet her soon. We love you Juju. You are one of a kind!

True story by Shahin of New Zealand

Shahin Maghsoudi
True Story?: