Jongo the cat

Jongo the cat

When our cat Jango, was a small kitten, he was naturally very inquisitive. He managed to jump up onto both the sofa and the coffee table quite quickly, but the kitchen worktops proved rather illusive to him. So, he devised a method of getting on to it. If we were in the kitchen, he would take a run up and launch himself at us. In that way, he could attach himself at the top of our thighs - from where he would either hang and watch, or climb higher up onto the worktop. Ouch! of course we needed to have trousers on.

The first day my in-laws visited us, we had forgotten to tell them that this was Jongo's trick. He proceeded to adopt the same technique whilst we were in the kitchen. My mother-in-law is quite short and instead of landing on her leg, he landed spread eagle in the middle of her back! She had a terrible shock and from there on, took to wearing a coat whilst in the kitchen for the rest of her visit!

True story by  Gail Young

From the SMARTER than JACK team 


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Gail Young
True Story?: