Joey, the kangaroo

This might sound funny to you but once we owned a kangaroo. it was about 7.00 pm when we ordered a pizza from the pizza restaurant. As we sat downstairs waiting for the pizza man, we started talking about kangaroos for some reason. Soon we heard a car. So we ran upstairs and out the door. The pizza man hoped out of the car carrying a baby kangaroo. Shocked, we asked him what was he doing with the joey. As he explained the whole story to us, I patted the little joey. He told us that the mother had been hit by a car at the bottom of the driveway and only the joey had survived.'

"What are you going to do do with him?' l asked. The whole family went silent. as the pizza man looked at my parents. Well, my parents could not say "No, thank you" So pizzas and Joey was left with us. We did not know aything about kangaroos but at least we had a farm for him to run about. The joey was very young so we had to feed him bottles of milk. Our next door neighbours gave us an old pillowcase to hang the little joey in. it was very hard to take care of the joey in the nights because we had a only a little pen in the house that our lambs stayed in over night

We did not have a name for him yet, but because we always called him Joey, that became his name. Soon Joey settled in. He would sit in an old basket while i played with him. Joey did not really want to sit in a pillow case all day long while I fed the other animals around the farm and so he would often come with me.

When Joey became too big, we could not take care of him anymore. So he was given to a lady who specialises in looking after kangaroos and wombats. It was sad to have to part with Joey. On the last day, I gave Joey a kiss and said "Good bye for now and please take care of yourself," and I walked inside quickly to fight off the tears.

We do visit him every now and then. Joey is a fully grown kangaroo now. He stands up tall and appears to be poised for boxing. He was a great friend of mine and I will probably never meet another kangaroo like him!!!!!!!!!

True story by Kiran Quilty of Australia



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Kiran Quilty
True Story?: