Joe the Alaskan Malamute


Joe the Alaskan Malamute

Joe the Alaskan Malamute was one of the most beautiful dogs that I have ever seen. 

My father owned a corner store and Joe often came and visit for a treat or two from my Dad. Dad was a sucker for animals and Joe knew it! I remembered Dad coming home and telling us of this beautiful dog and how he wanted to keep it. He knew it belonged to someone because everytime Joe came to visit the store, his chain came too! Dad did find out in the end who owned the dog and called to see if he could have him. 

Without hesitation the owner said "Yes!" It was like he knew that Joe was meant to be ours and yes, Joe smiled too! That dog lived by my father's side and ours as well since then. When my older sister worked at the store so did Joe. He was our protector. I think he thought that my sister and I were his. Every morning we awoke to big sloppy kisses and big hugs from Joe. Joe only lived with us for a few short years and then went on to heaven. My father was devastated.

On the west coast of Newfoundland where I am from, there is a tourist attraction that we are very proud of. It is called, 'The Man In The Mountain'. It is a face of an old man that through years of erosion has etched itself on the side of this mountain. It sits peacefully in the Humber Valley and my father felt that it was appropriate to bury Joe beneath 'The Old Man In The Mountain' which would watch over Joe through eternity, since Joe watched over us for a few short years. To this day, the old man silently and peacefully watches Joe and yes.......smiles.

True story by Bernadette of Australia.




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