Jimmy-dog with an IQ

My husband and I have a Cocker-spaniel, and his name is Jimmy-dog, I named him after my son. Now...I know all dogs are smart, but so is mine. When we order pizza, we have to spell it out over the phone. (Of course we had to explain it to the pizza man) You see, when Jimmy-dog hears the word pizza, he goes bananas. Because he knows its Sunday, and that is the day we order pizza. It's like he has a time clock inside his stomach. And he will pester us, until it's time to go pick it up!

Now, I take my pizza in the front room with me to eat, and my husband eats in the living room. Well, Jimmy-dog will run from room to room, because he knows he will get a piece of pizza crust from the both of us. I mean he runs, we can hear him slide across the kitchen floor!

And another thing...an animal really can think! While I was up north for a month to see my family, my husband ordered pizza and Jimmy-dog started for the front room, and then stopped in his tracks and thought for a second..."Oh", that's right... my other master is not in the front room eating pizza, she is gone!"

And my husband had to laugh, because he took only a few steps and trotted back to the living room, to get his piece of pizza!

"Jimmy-dog is so smart... if I am eating chips from a bag, all I have to say.. "Jimmy-dog, will you give this bag to daddy?" (my Husband) And I put the bag in his mouth and away he goes! And it goes back and forth until we had enough. See, Jimmy-dog knows he's going to get a treat for doing this, and he loves his treats.

One day I was sick with a cold, and I was coughing quite a bit that day. Jimmy-dog always sits with me on the couch, well this one day, I sneezed, and it went on my feet, well Jimmy-dog jumped right up off the couch. His smell, as we all know, is greater than humans, well apparently, when I sneezed on my foot, he did not like the smell. So to this day, when he sees a tissue in the garbage or on us, he will grab it and tear it up in pieces. We had to put the little garbage cans underneath the sinks, so he won't get at the tissues. Animals are funny sometimes, and, they sure are smart!

When it thunders, we have to take his attention off the thunder storm, by playing with him. Otherwise, he runs from room to room, because he is so scared! Sometimes we take him for a ride in the car and that takes away the fear and he forgets all about the noise around him!

Jimmy-dog knows when we are sad, and he knows when we are happy. When he's sad, I swear, I see tears in his eyes, and sometimes he moans, I lay down with him and rub his belly, and kiss his nose and his eyes, and that makes him happy. And when my husband, or I don't feel well, he licks us and snuggles beside us, and that makes us happy! Animals are a lot like humans in a lot of ways, they feel sad, happy and they show signs of fear and they alert us with their eyes and the way they speak and how their tail wags. So... like all humans, animals too, have personalities, and IQ's. They speak, sleep, beg, howl, growl, snore and eat, oh... and let out gas, just like humans. I have to say one thing, when my dog lets out gas, and then runs away from his smell, you know it's bad! ;-)


The Passing... of Jimmy-dog... June 1st 2009

On this date 8th of June 2009, our Black & White Cocker Spaniel... Jimmy-dog passed on to Doggy Heaven! He would of been 15 years old in October 30th. (on Halloween). He had a stroke.

The night before we put him down, he could not eat, my husband (Brian) even tried to give him his favorite treat (apple) but refused it. A few minutes had passed, then he started to vomit up everything he had eaten (there was a huge amount). I looked at Brian, then said... "No wonder Jimmy-dog didn't want his treat, he had an up sit stomach."

But, when he walked towards me, he couldn't walk. He looked lethargic, he acted like he was drunk. At first I thought it was an inner-ear infection, or something of the sort. An hour or so had passed, then Jimmy-dog's head was tilted down and started to shake, his tongue was out a little. I laid a blanket next to him and hugged him and told him he would be alright, we were with him, like he was always with us when we felt sad or sick.

We began to worry. Around 6 P.M., Brian came in from outside as I left the computer room... then went to Jimmy-dog. Jimmy-dog started to pee on the floor. He lost control of his bladder. We cleaned up the pee, Brian started to take him out in case he needed to do more than pee. But... Jimmy-dog couldn't walk. Brian had to help him to the door and outside. Jimmy-dog could not hold himself up, so Brian had to put his hand under him so he could do his business.

This was the saddest thing we had to go through, it just broke our hearts! We prayed Jimmy-dog would get through the night without any problems. But... wrong! At 5:30 (give or take a few minutes), he woke us up with heavy breathing. I thought his little heart was coming out of his chest, he was breathing so hard. Again, I laid down next to him and tried to calm him down. I stroked his head, and hugged his now...not-so-muscle body, kissed his eyes and whispered to him... "Jimmy-dog, we are here for you, hold on for a couple more hours. We will get you to the doctors, and he will make you better." My husband sat next to him, and I know men aren't suppose to cry, but he did, his heart was breaking. With my head laying near Jimmy-dogs face and looking right into his eyes... we both calmed Jimmy-dogs breathing to a whisper.

That morning, early, we called the doctor and told what had happened to Jimmy-dog, the appointment was for 10:A.M.. I was hoping we could bring him in earlier, but it worked out well.

Jimmy-dog was resting after a bad night. Just before we left to take him to the vets, my husband went to take him out to do his job, again... but still could not walk. He even tried to give Jimmy-dog his treat, but... could not hold his head steady. His tongue was hanging out and could not grasp the piece of apple, it would just drop to the floor.

Brian tried 3 times, then I told him... "Please, no more, can't you see he can't even eat it!"

Well... to make a story short, we put Jimmy-dog in the car with his favorite blanket to lay on. On the way to the Vets, Jimmy-dog just stared at us when I looked back at him. Just looking around, like it was just his usual ride in the car. He was still lithargic, but looking a little alert, knowing he was taking a ride in the car with us.

Brian had Jimmy-dog in his arms while waiting for the doctor, Jimmy-dog reached up to Brian, then Jimmy-dog licked his face. As if to say... "Thanks for being here with me!" That did it, my husband gave Jimmy-dog a big hug, we both cried.

The nurse put Jimmy-dog on the table while the doctor put the IV in his leg, I bent down then looked at Jimmy-dog, then said... "We're here for you Jimmy-dog, we will be here till you take your last breath, we'll be here for you, just like you were here for us."

My daughter (Michelle) was right... she told us to be with our loving companion, because the last thing he wants to see... is his loving Masters who loved him and cared for him.

Jimmy-dog is no longer here with us in body, but we have his ashes and they'll be with us forever.

Who is now going to share the Pizza crust with us? Who's going to sit next to me wanting a piece of my Granny Smith Apple? We look around, and no Jimmy-dog to greet us at the door. His water/food dish now empty, his toys still where he left them, but no Jimmy-dog!  ;-(

But... we do feel him near, and still pick up dog fur still lingering over and under things. Sometimes... we feel him brushing against us. No matter what my Jimmy-dog, your with us, you have filled our hearts with love and joy, and that will stay with us forever. Love ya Jimmy-dog. Another will take your place, but... NEVER be like you! Love... Your Masters... Brian & Lavina.


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Lavina Burgess
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