Jazzie gets a second chance at life

Jazzie was our lamb. we handraised her. she was born on the 7 of August 2006. jazzie was a sweet little lamb with a little fluffy coat. jazzie broke her leg on the 17 of August 2006. we thought that this was the end. when she got better, the next hour she got worse. the poor little lamb was in pain so much, as she lay in her little shed under the gum tree. we called the vet and she bandaged her leg up. i can not remember how she broke her leg as i was only 6 years old. the vet said we would just have to wait and see if it heels or not. but all of a sudden jazzie got better. her leg heeled quicker than ever. jazzie would be jumping

around with her best freinds Daisy and Cassie. 2 years passed and jazzie was now 2 years old. but one day jazzie had another serious acciedent! she had broken her leg again. everybody was very sad about the news as we thought that our little lamb would stay with us forever. jazzie died that year, her best freinds werent the same anymore. but we knew that her ghost would come back to us and say good-bye before she left!

Kiran Quilty <>
True Story?: