Jaspers masterpiece


Nana and I usually just relax when I come down for the occasional visit. But once there was an exception, because Nana had seen a dog that she rather liked on Trade Me; a white, fully grown poodle.

So we drove out to the owners house to check out this poodle. sadly, when we got there, the dog disliked us, and we disliked it. We decided that the dog would not be coming home with us. Then, the owner and seller of the poodle, showed us the cutest black poodle puppies! Nana and I took a liking to them straight away, so we took one home.We named him Jasper, and Jazz for short.

When we got back to Nana's house, We went shopping, leaving the puppy at home. When we came back with all our bags, we came back to an unpleasent sight. Jazz was there, wagging his tail, but behind him was the carpet, covered in Jasper's doggy doo. Jazz proudly lead us from room to room, showing us his master piece. Then, Nana and I had to try and pick up the poo with Pooper Scoopers, paper tools, and plastic bags. It took us over an hour, and left us with sweating arms and sore knees.

We never left Jazz alone in the house again, and thankfully, we never got another replay of that day.


Summer Fell
True Story?: