I had two cuban finches, Jane and Tarzan,named so as they had a cane nest in their cage. Sadly, Tarzan passed away and Jane was left in her mansion of a cage by herself. I lived alone at the time and she was my best friend and such good company, she was allowed to fly around my unit by herself, she would constantly watch me and what I was doing. She would clean up the carpet any cotton or fluff went straight to her nest. My two daughters came to live with me and one night I came home from work to find the girls had accidentally left the screen door open and she was gone. I was very upset, but the next day there she was sitting on the fence, I opened the door and in she flew. I have never heard of a bird knowing how to come back home, little as she was she was smart. Sadly, Jane has now passed away, but I will never forget smart little Jane.

Diane Coleman
True Story?: