Jack Jack

ack is a 6 year old male black and tan medium size kelpie (a cattle dog breed). He is Hyper and eats alot of food because he runs around and plays so much. He is actually my parents friend's dog though.

He is very smart and a champion at fetch. With the dog ball thrower you will throw/fling it and Jack will run very fast and not only catch it but jump up in the air and catch it in mid air as well!

Also when you give him dog treats or bits of meat you tell Jack to sit and then throw the the food it the air and he will jump up and catch it in mid-air as well!

Jack whom my older sister calls Jack Jack is also good at escaping the yard. It doesn't matter if a new wire fence has put up or if it's just more chicken wire he can always escapeb. Personally I think he just jumps over it but nobody else thinks I'm right.

Once when Jack and my parents friend were staying the night at my house Jack and Max just keep barking and Jack was growling. My Dad, Mum and their friend went outside and it turned out that someone was actually trying to break into my parents friend's car which was out the front of our house which was outside our gate.

Some people wouldn't think Jack a very unordinary dog but he is very smart and special to me and always will be!

True Story?: