"I'll give you a steady up, old man"


I will give you a steady up, old man!


It was an extremely hot day and I did not wish to leave our two dogs outside all day while we went to work. I left Cole, a 5 1/2year Rottweiler and Ralph a 16 year old Kelpie cross Border Collie inside the house with the air conditioning on. I then left keys with our neighbor so that she can check on the dogs during the day and also to let them out for toilets. I further advised our neighbor that Ralph has arthritis and dementia and that he was our main worry. I knew Cole would just invite himself next door but I wanted him to stay with Ralph.

My neighbor told me later when I got home, that when she went to check on the dogs, she ended up having to carry Ralph out to encourage him to ease himself. Cole stayed by her side and appeared concern for Ralph.

When my neighbor finally managed to get Ralph outside, it was obvious to her that she was going to have to prop him up for a little while until he fully woke up and found his legs. Cole sniffed Ralph gently as he was being propped up. Then, to my neighbor's delight, Cole placed his big head under Ralph's chest area, as if to say to him, "I will give you a steady up old man". This appeared to rally Ralph as he gave himself a bit of a shake and wandered off. Cole followed right behind, as if to keep an eye on Ralph.

True story by Gillian Shippen of Australia


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Gillian Shippen
True Story?: