How Cindy saved the day

We own border collies and 1 kelpie x used for cattle work in Nth Qld. This particular story is about Cindy the kelpie x. One day our persian cat had kittens by the time we found them the mother cat wasn't looking after them and 2 had died and the other 2 were weak. At the same time Cindy just had 2 pups, her first litter. We tried to get the kittens to suck a bottle but to no avail. The male kitten died but the female was still alive. As the last resort we tried to get it to suck off Cindy. Cindy nuzzled it and lick it and soon it started to try and suck. Cindy let the kitten stay there with the pups. I stayed to make sure she wouldn't hurt it for awhile. I had to go and went to take the kitten away but Cindy had other ideas, she wouldn't let me. She came unsettled and left her pups to try and get the kitten. So I left the kitten with her. Now Cindy is a very good working dog, all up front on a cow or bull and if one would break she would bite the nose and turn it back and she is known to hang off a nose or ear or two and also growl at any strangers that came by. Now back to the kitten, the next day it was stronger and by the end of the week it was still alive. One day we went away and when we came home that afternoon we couldn't find Cindy one pup and the kitten. The other pup was still where she left it. We searched everywhere. Eventually we foud her and the pup and kitten. She had dug a huge hole and took the pup and kitten and put them in the hole and was laying there with them. I don't know if she was going to get the other pup or not. Any way we took them back to where she was before and put a barrier up so she won't get out and dig another hole. I saw her lift that kitten ever so gentle in her mouth when it would get to far away from her. I weaned the kitten and the pups at 6 weeks and Cindy would still pick the kitten up if it got into mischeif. She never worried that kitten as it grew but she would stork the other cats we had and chase them if they ran. For a dog that is what we call a hard dog on cattle, I can't believe how she reared that kitten and was so gentle with her. We called the cat Lucky. Unfortunately she wasn't so lucky when she was 2 someone shot her. But she managed to come home and we had to put her down. Cindy is 12yrs old now. She doesn't like our cats much as she still storks them and chases them. This same dog took over 12 mths to start working. Everyone told us to get rid of her as she was no good. We knew her breeding so were willing to keep trying her. We would tie her up at the yards so she could see the cattle and other dogs work. She would just go to sleep. We would take her with us to get milkers in with other dogs. She would just stay with us when the other dogs would rould them up. One day she just clicked. One weaner was giving us a hard time and other dogs were trying to work it back to the mob and out of the blue came Cindy, she went to the nose gave it a snap and the weaner came back. And the rest is history. She never stopped working from that day. She would still try now,but she is retired and a house dog. She is still a good guard dog and compain dog and shakes hands with you when asked.

Anita Lee
True Story?: