This is a story about a wonderful dog that none of us will ever forget.

Hovey was a pup when we got him. I didnt exist then, but i have heard a lot about him. My mum got him from the Laut Smith Animal Hospital. Hovey was a German Shepard x Doberman. When my mum got Hovey he was a little afraid but he got used to it. A few weeks passed but that week Hovey got very very sick. My mum took him to the vet and she said that Hovey might not make it throught the night. My mum said Goodbye and left. The next day the vet rang up and said he could come home. Hovey was very very very very lucky!!!!!!!!!! Hovey lived a long life. When i came i thourght he was the best! Hovey ran around with his friends all day. When Hovey was 15 he didnt do the things he did before. I was 9 by then. Every night i would let him come into my room and sleep on the bed. One day his time came. I said Good bye to him and kissed him before i went to school. Sadly, Hovey was put down. I will never forget him but he was closer to my mother. She treasured him ever since. Good bye, your a friend that NO one shall forget. R.I.P Hovey.

I can not find any photos of him cos our computer was fixed and all the photos are gone.

True Story?: