Horse Sense

I was visting my relatives at their horse rescue farm in South Carolina during the Thanksgiving holiday 2009. We had some bad news that our mother was terminally ill and had to be hospitalized on Thanksgiving Day. I just had to leave the house when I heard the news after my sister spoke to the doctor. I went to sit on a large log in the area where the horses often roam. I was crying profusely. I looked up and saw 2 of the horses across the field from where I sat. I then noticed them coming towards me...walking side by side...and when I stood up, both horses gave me a kiss on each side of my face. They sensed that something was wrong and that I was feeling very sad. I knew from that point on that they...the do all animals...have feelings and have compassion for us humans. I will never forget being consoled by those two remarkable creatures! They sensed my grief and sadness.

Pamela Palmer
True Story?: