Home Gone

One day me and my sister got home from school and mum said "we are moving to a diffrent contry to live. It is called Abu Dhabi in about a year". So we moved in a year and one thing the whole family didn't now was that there were so many cats up there so we found a Animal Vetanary and my sister started to work there after school and one day the owner of the Vetanary came up to my sister, my mum and me and said "are you looking for any animals?" we said we would love to have to foster them so we did and the lady said that "we will have them for 2 weeks till the lady finds a good home for them so 2 weeks was up and we went to the Vetanary and the lady said I havent found a home yet but we kept them and we ended up having them for 2-3 mounths and we got so close with them and when the lady did find a home it was so hard to say good bye they left and when ever we go past their house we say NEVER FORGET YOU! I still miss them I hope they are doing great

Kate shephard
True Story?: